The People

Sand Lion Investments is only as good as its management team. They are :

Richard Pugh

Richard Pugh

Born in the UK but brought up from the age of 6 months to the age of 18 in pre-independance Kenya where my father worked in the Colonial Service.

Educated at Karen Primary School and the Lord Delamere School for Boys in Nairobi, and then in the UK at Bath Technical College and North Staffs Polytechnic.

I have worked in Information Technology since 1970 as,

  • 1970 IBM 360 Operator
  • 1972 Programmer, Senior Programmer, Technical Support Specialist
  • 1979 Chief Programmer
  • 1982 Consultant, Business Analyst
  • 1988 Business Analyst, Area Manager charged with the development of all commercial and finance systems for Eurotunnel start up, Head of Development, and Quality Manager
  • 2006 founded Sand Lion Investments

I have worked with a vast range of clients in the UK plus spending two wonderful years in Algeria - which I loved.

Married to Marie-Claude for nearly 40 years, a committed European currently living and working in France, but hoping to move soon to Sri Lanka.

Main interests outside work are Travel (aiming to see as much of the world as possible before I get too old), Music (mainly folk/rock, Show of Hands, Fairport Convention, Iain Matthews, Ralph McTell, etc.).

Marie-Claude Pugh

Marie-Claude Pugh

Born in Amiens, I spent my childhood at Coulommiers and the whole of my adolecence in Paris. My father was a photographer and I spent many happy hours "helping" in the studio, at the shop and on location when I was young.

First level education in Paris at l'Ecole Primaire de Coulommiers and at the Lycée Molière, followed by a degree in English and American Civilisation at the Sorbonne. I am also a fully qualified teacher in both UK and France, capable of teaching both English and French as a foreign language up to 'A' Level standard.

I was trained as a Translator in a world famous engineering consultancy under the guidance of an ISIT mentor and the engineers in charge of the various projects.

My career has been split into two parts, first as a Teacher and laterly as a Translator :

  • 1970 Teaching English in France
  • 1973 French Teacher - Harlow (Essex) - UK
  • 1979 Document Archivist, trainee Translator in Algeria
  • 1982 Junior then Senior Translator, Document Reviser
  • 1993 Head of Translations, On-the-job training of students from Lille University
  • 2006 Founded Sand Lion Investments

The whole subject of language has always been a passion of mine, and I love discovering new countries and civilisations.

We are lucky to have many friends from many different races and cultures. Traveling in exotic countries gives me a good excuse to take photos (a trait inherited from my father !) and, like Richard, I can often be found with my head in a travel brochure or tourist guide book dreaming of our next trip.

I discovered folk/rock music in the UK and have become a real fan. Most of my favourite artists are the same as Richard's (fortunately as it makes 'gigging' much easier !), however I am particularly fond of Mike Silver and Celtic music in general.

I love to cook, and like to try to invent new dishes.

Dilan de Zoysa

Dilan de Zoysa

A proud Sri-Lanka born and educated in Balapitiya. He became a very successful Tour Guide Manager, which is how we came to know him, before it was all swept away in the Tsunami on Boxing Day, 2004, along with a substantial number of his family,including his brother and father.

Fortunately his wife, Shireen, and baby son Diyan (18 months at the time) were out of their house at the local market and thus escaped the worst. Unfortunately their house was flattened and everthing they had destroyed.

We eventually found him in a refugee camp at the local Buddhist Temple and were able to provide some small help to get him back on his feet.

Since that time, he has proved loyal, steadfast and honest and we were delighted when he agreed to join us in Sand Lion Investments as Co-ordination Manager.

Over the years we have grown very found of him, I am honored when he calls me his father and we now regard him as the son we never had.

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