Business Philosophy

The guiding principle of the company is to deliver appropriate and timely solutions that satisfy customer needs, on a fixed price basis when ever possible, and in all cases ... add value in Sri Lanka ...

Our services are aimed at individuals and small / medium sized enterprises. Commissions for discrete packets of work from larger organisations will be welcomed. The prospect of prompt payment is a fundamental criterion in selecting work.

The Company can provide cost effective web, translation and training services. The trend is for more trade between countries, and for greater use of the world-wide web both for information and sales. Our company is well suited to help you profit from this trend.

Our Services

We can provide a one-stop solution for those of you who require a multilingual web presence, as well as providing a high class service in each of the separate disciplines. Working closely with the client, our offer is founded on the design and creation of mono / multilingual web sites of all levels of sophistication, and / or pure translation from French to English, and English to French.

Web related services include :

  • the conception and creation of personalised multilingual internet sites. [Few companies offer ability to create a site in multiple languages concurrently. Most often the site is created and then separately translated. Our method has the advantage of being cheaper for the client and ensuring the site is homogenous]
  • contracts are available for the maintenance of internet sites created by us, or already existing. [Continuity assured by the same specialists who really know their clients]
  • installation of hardware firewalls (SmoothWall/IPCOP) and /or SME Server (in server only or server & gateway mode) on existing hardware.
  • the creation and implementation of home and / or small office networks
  • implementation of open source solutions on SOHO servers
  • management of information technology projects.
  • consultancy and service provision to companies.
  • planning and execution of Information Services quality audits. [Of growing importance due to the wide adoption of ISO standards].
  • etc.

Translation services

Translation of documents from English to French and French to English is available in the following areas of expertise :

  • Information Technology,
  • Technical,
  • Commercial,
  • Tourism,
  • Environmental,
  • etc.

All translations are checked by a native speaker of the target language

Please Remember : a translator is not just a 'bilingual' person. Translation is a profession that is governed by professional institutes and that requires specialised training and a long period as an apprentice.


We will work on a fixed price basis whenever possible.

Once the requirements are established and agreed we will give a quotation detailing the work to be carried out together with a price, and as long as the needs remain unchanged, the price will not be altered. What you see, is what you get.

Please contact us for a quote, you may well be surprised, our rates are very reasonable !

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